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@Praxiteles wrote:

My Sam, but you are in an optimistic mood this evening. Do you not know that the purchase of a Null and Void stamp will cause a major crisis in the Cobh Urban District Council…..someone will have to get off his b.o.t. tom and go out and buy it. How could you possibly expect that level of public service from Cobh Urban District Council?

Must be getting to close to Christmas….

Seriously though, for someone to come off the street to see the plans of some monstrosity being built next is a nightmare. Know 90% wll come out worse than they went in and probably missed the amended drawings that would have shown them it is a missle silo…..

In reality it means that Joe Public has little or no choice but to seek profesional help, which of course advisable but this costs, so many an objector will backdown/drop out.

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