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@THE_Chris wrote:

Theyd want to put 200 apartments there though, and in Cobh they’d probobly get permission 🙁

True…. you saw the crap aparts just along the quay`backing onto harbour row….maybe okay inside by terrible from the sea… keeping with nothing to be frank.

problem with making the actual pier (condemned wooden section at moment) is that is does not provide any shelter to boat to tie up. Wash alone from traffic makes berthing a fender nightmare and if anything blowing from SE with ebb tide… no thank you unless a breakwater of some sort if fitted and evne the floating type costly. Can see why POC have not done anything with it as needs a lot in invest to make it really usable.

I feel sheet pile/infill to make more parking would be best use, combined with the actual marina proposal which does have an outer heavy pontoon/floating breakwater arrangement.

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