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@Istigh wrote:

Yes the old town hall is a fine building, its disappointing they never followed through the plans for reclaiming the land and creating a park from the old town hall east along the shore front there.

I agree, anyone who trys to do a modicum of change to a building in Cobh gets lumped with a charge
for a parking fund or suchlike. Runs in 4 figure sums very quickly … and for what….. this collection has been going on for years and as you say there was a plan to sheet pile outside of old pier (which no boat can even tie up to for fear of it collapsing) and infill. Would have made a lot of sense but god only knows what bottom drawer that plan ended up in.

Building itself, is quite small inside but would make a fine clubhouse for water based sports…. be it rowing, sailing, whatever…. or some organisation. Won’t be long before lack of maintenance on it will start to show with the good old salt air….

Photo shows condemned section of pier

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