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@samuel j wrote:

If I can be so bold as to quote Kite as above from another thread.
I have seen this process time and time again in Cobh. Know of one development that had so many amendments it was next to impossible to figure out what was the final version. Know one developer who use dthis tactic and got away with many changes that no poor citzen could have kept up with, unless he/she sat for a day each week in the udc and compared drawing by drawing. Makes it impossible for anyone without professional help to mount any decent objection.
and it still goes on…… a quick browse of current plans and you will developers at it again and again.
I don’t know a solution expect some format of very clear logging in a single sheet viewable in the planning file and/or clear stamping of superceeded drawings as nul and void.

😉 Would you think that a set charge of say 250,000 – 500,000 euro per change of application for what Planning Departments class as large developments would concentrate the minds of engineers and architects to get it right first time out?

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