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Would I be right in saying that this development is at the end of a terrace of shops/houses which front straight on to the street at? If this is the caseI think it works well in that it merges the terrace with the rest of the road without taking away from the existing structures. It would seem that they would have had difficulty if they had decided to go more than one storey due to the amount of windows on the gable of the building beside it. As I say, it is hard to judge without seeing it in the flesh, but I think it looks quite positive from the images presented.

I am afraid that I have to disagree with this view. I can see no inherent aesthetic quality in this development which detracts from the environment into which it has been imposed without any consideration or sympathy for the period buildings on the street. It is basically a bit of crap: one part looks like the back of an old-fashioned outside jacks; another like a discarded television box, and the third element looks like a stupidly placed flower box. It might work were one to demolish the rest of the street – a proposition not entirely beyond the Cobh Urban District Council!

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