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Whilst I always find it hard to judge buildings based on photos alone, I certainly wouldn’t rush to criticise this building as much as it has been by other users of these forums. It seems to fit comfortably in the site in which it has been located. The restoration of the other building looks good also.

It is hard to judge form photos alone and you are right the restoration of the Custom House/Mercantile Marine offices is splendi. It was derelict for years as a few different ideas were looked at by the OPW. At one stage there was talk it would become the new garda station.
Anyway I fully agree the restoration fo this building and section is excellent work but (and I know the photos don’t give the full impression) the back building they inserted/linked to the custom house, now opening out to
the junction by Harbour Row, looks terrible when you see the buildings surrounding it.

Strangely enough it breaks many of the points the Town development plan recommends as criteria for in-town developments.

Page 11 of Volume 2
“All developments must be designed to complement the existing
architecture, townscape and character. Where a new building is to
be inserted into a street or an existing building is to be altered, the
character and integrity of the street facade is to be maintained.
Development must respect the proportion and character of the
existing streetscape including architectural features such as
plaster surrounds to windows, quoins, etc. In general large sheets
of plate glass should be avoided.
As a general rule, flat roofed buildings, single storey development
or bland facades, will not be permitted on the street frontages in
this area.”

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