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@Spinal Tap wrote:

Cobh has massive potential and could have eclipse Kinsale which 25 yrs ago was in a poor state apparently.
Cobh has great architecture,fantastic setting at mouth of harbour,facing south and ther should be thriving restaurants,bars,tourist related industries etc.The lack of moorings for yachts does’nt help,neglected and empty shops,too many awful bars,rubbish new housing,the main road is just dangerous and neglected.
A tourism plan must be drawin up and implemented which has to include Cobh,Crosshaven and Roches point a part of the Spike Island shheme if it ever happens.Cobh people need a few more options like cinema,sports,employment facilities,social facilities etc.

I couldn’t agree with you more.
We have at last a decent Pool and Gym akin to one out by CIT in Cork. It took time but there at last. Cinema
kills me to drive off the Island to Mahon, Douglas or Midleton with da kids to see latest kiddies movie.
We had one for years, down by the baths. I and all my pals grew up with one…one we walked to and walked home…not a car in sight…..

I still feel the key is a marina (I am biased I admit as keen yottie/boatie) as based on what I’ve seen in UK
Scotland and other Irish ports, all pubs and restaurants got their act together once the punters started coming by sea and very often families to join up with boat by land. Everyone benefits.

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