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If I remember correctly, Maritem closed down before Verolme, sometime around 1985? (last vessel built was the trawler “Fr Oliver”) It is shameful that it was allowed remain derelict for so long.

I remember well the bow/stem of newbuild vessels protruding from the larger hut onto the main road. Their Launching framework still remains on the foreshore, though much of the offices were knocked to make room for the Ferry slipway.

However, they continue to build houses, houses houses all around Great Island with little in the way of other facilities. The one road in and out of the island gets worse daily. Not even a cinema. The “old” town centre still has unoccupied frontage, boarded up awaiting new occupants. The majority of the new residential areas access the main Cork-Cobh road on wat is possibly the worst T Junction in the country, Not far from the Maritem site. Nothing resembling an industrial park of any sort. The Dockyard remains the only major industrial land on the Island, but there have been many efforts in the past to Knock it too and build houses on the site.(Premier Homes are currently located there, which ironically holds its place as an industrial site for now).
The entire Island is becoming one big dormotory, with no community spirit, no industry, even its famous drinking establishments are in decline (the Holy Ground is not what it used to be).
Apartments, in the modern sense also usually restrict parking spaces to the bare minimum, forcing the occupants to use the already at full capacity public transport, to commute to the city, or other “Mainland” locations.

I still can’t understand how they get away with it.

Cobh has massive potential and could have eclipse Kinsale which 25 yrs ago was in a poor state apparently.
Cobh has great architecture,fantastic setting at mouth of harbour,facing south and ther should be thriving restaurants,bars,tourist related industries etc.The lack of moorings for yachts does’nt help,neglected and empty shops,too many awful bars,rubbish new housing,the main road is just dangerous and neglected.
A tourism plan must be drawin up and implemented which has to include Cobh,Crosshaven and Roches point a part of the Spike Island shheme if it ever happens.Cobh people need a few more options like cinema,sports,employment facilities,social facilities etc.

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