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Interesting thoughts from people who’d like to see a marina (although by the sounds of things not necessarily this marina). A few people who looked at at more thoroughly did appreciate that it wasn’t simple NIMBYism but a valid concern for their own homes. There was also a certain train of thought similar to my own that maybe this isn’t the right location. I thought the councellors statements were very poor. Especially the defence of their actions. The council could have been much more productive by doing a proper development plan (the developers would be happier) and better yet if they were that concerned about a marina for Cobh get a truly independant survey to determine the best location (the objectors would be happier). Surely the lawyers fees would have easily paid for such a study. A really brave move would been to build one across the front of the town from the old yacht club to lynch’s quay. Any other thoughts on a good location? The defence of their own commitment seemed to me to be an admission – we wasted thousands of taxpayers money by giving it to lawyers in an attempt to thwart people’s democratic rights. Or did I misread that part? That commitment would be much more believable if they fronted up the money themselves.

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