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@samuel j wrote:

Good points…. we’ll have a Heritage Town alright of boarded up businsses and derelict buildings… its here already….

If I was a developer/investor the recent events would give me a stong hint to invest elsewhere, like West Cork,Kinsale,Crosshaven,Clonakilty,Baltimore.

One could argue forever on the merits of the design etc. of the disallowed Marina but the damage is greater than that. Will be interesting to see where Cobh is in 5 years….. comparative to the likes of Courtmacsherry, Schull, Kinsale,Crosshaven,Clonakilty,Baltimore.

Cobh with its setting in the centre of the harbour,facing south,outstanding architecture that only Kinsale and Crosshaven could dream of and deepwater for shipping and nowhere to moor a yacht.

The RCYC was moved to Crosshaven from Cobh which is a shame.
Cruise down the West coast of France and you can moor in similar sized ports easily with the industry and tourism surrounding it is a potential wasted.

Visit La Rochelle sometime and see how the old and the new have been integrated.

Cobh will decay for another 10 years before anything is done.

Remember Kinsale 25 years ago – you could’nt give the place away.

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