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This is the plan in for the old maritem sheds just next to the Cross River Ferry slipway on the Cobh side

File Number: 059006
Local Authority: Cork County Council
Date Received: 06/12/2005
Submissions By: n/a.
Due Date: 05/07/2006
Decision Date (MO): 05/07/2006
Application Status: APPEALED
Grant Date: n/a
Initial FI Request: 07/02/2006
Initial FI Received: 22/12/2005
Number of Appeals: 1

Applicant Name: Bob O’Leary
Correspondence Address: C/o Richard Rainey Architects
Granary Studios
The Glen
Kinsale, Co. Cork
Development Description: Demolition of 5 no. sheds/warehouses, construction of 2 no. apartment blocks comprising of 72 no. apartments (Block A consisting of 44 no. apartments and Block B consisting of 28 no. apartments), underground car parking and associated site works
Development Address: Ballynoe

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