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I know people both sides on the Cobh marina debate, but would be biased more towards the resident’s view. I’ve been meaning to post for a while on this so excuse the length.

A brief history – residents were in favour – delighted in fact, when it was first announced. The developers slowly but surely turned them against the plan and barely spoke to the residents. Relations got so bad after the first plan that the councilors didn’t even really canvass there during the local elections. The councilors exhibited typical old style Irish gombeen thinking that it’s all about jobs. It’s not – nowadays we have the opportunity to think about quality rather than quantity. Given the general view on this board of the people who run the town, you have to appreciate the local’s lack of trust. Very little has been done with this side of town and what has been done has been done largely by the residents. Look at “the batteries”/bishop Roche park, a great opportunity basically handed over to night time drinkers.

The quality and design of the buildings is lazy, but improved. The original one CUDC granted permission for was awful. Even a cursory examination of the proposal would lead most people to believe that it’s a Trojan horse for apartments, not a marina at heart. You also have to remember the long, and tragic, history of this area and land slides. There is just no way it’s safe to bring serious amount of infill and construction traffic. Given Irelands woeful reputation on enforcement, there was little belief that everything would be brought in by sea once construction started. Can you imagine what the town would be like with all this heavy traffic.

I am very surprised at the reaction of people here who come across as a group very much for improving Cobh and enhancing its heritage. My own personal favorite would be to develop Mitchell/Davis/Meagher (Camden/Carlisle/Northumberland) with a ferry route linking them.

Given the general opinion on this board of Cobh council, people here have let them off lightly. The high court case taken by the residents just to be allowed to appeal to ABP was because the council tried to prevent the locals from appealing. The judge was very, very unimpressed with what the council did. Remember, yet again it was your tax money the council was donating to the legal profession.

It became very clear from early on that the marina was an elitist (no part V tenants for example) development and repeatedly tried to minimize if not eliminate any public access. It was handled badly from the very beginning. If you are asking people to forgoe their fine views of the harbour, extra traffic, serious noise-dust-traffic during construction, remove their parking, etc. you try to get them on board. This was not how it worked. Notice in the ABP report that the public noticed incorrectly stated the height of one building (making it smaller). This kind of stuff really gets people suspicious and after a first failed attempt, surely you try and do things right the second time. Note the last time something was built here, the people on harbour row were told that the houses on the old cinema site would not obscure their views. Just look at the chopped off roofs on those to see how much attention was paid to that promise.

I’m also very unsure as to the location of the marina in relation to the main channel. Who’s to say what the port of Corks view would be once construction began.

I would have loved a continental type marina and so would the residents, but that’s not what was planned.

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