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Last night’s meeting of the Cobh Town Council saw some fine rearguard action brought up by the Myaor Noreen Doyle when difficulties arose over adopting the minutes of the last meeting. As recorded Noreen was was supposed to have made a statement in response to Concillor Sean O’Connor’s (FF) question if she had been attending any meetings with the cathedral authorities to plan the next stage of the wreckage. It should be recalled that Noreen had no comment when asked the fateful question. But in the minutes she was recorded as having made a statement – possibly the one in the Great Island News. A heated discussion ensued. In the end Councillor Crowley (Labour) suddenly recovered his memory and remembered that Noreen, his fellow Labour councillor, did make a statement. A move obviously to consolidate a Labour’s expected plebisidal-landslide in Cobh and East Cork in the next elections.

But this was merely foreplay on Councillor O’Connor’s part. When Noreen sailed through the “correspondence” item on the agenda with great equinimity, she was asked by Councillor O’Connor if the Town Clerk, P. Lynch, had received and correspondence from An Taisc concerning the lack of maintenance of Cobh Cathedral. Well, a red-faced P. Lynch coyly admitted he had received such correspondence (which he was not going to mention to the Town Council). When asked by Cllr. O’Connor what he intended to do about it, P. Lynch replied he had passed the correspondence to the Town Architect – Pierangelo Cacciotti – who is now preparing a report on the matter. This will be Pierangelo’s first foray into the cathedral affray and it will be interesting how he approaches it. All eyes are now fixed on Pierangelo Cacciotti.

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