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Are you sure there is such a position as “Town Architect” for Cobh. Did we not initially inherit the services of one Denis Deasy of the Architects Department in County Hall as Planning Officer. His function as an architect with Cork Co Co being also provided to Cobh for such projects as the redesign of the Promenade.
Pity what should have been his legacy of a laudable design for the Promenade is lost beneath his other legacy of a litany of atrocious planning decisions.

Nevertheless I think we should count ourselves lucky that we have the services of our flegdeling Architect in planning as so many Town Councils have unqualified people filling the pivotal roll

Now that Pierangelo has his exams behind him we hope that he can concentrate on the work to hand and plough a new furrow from that of his predecessor. We eagerly await his approach to the question of Cobh Cathedral – which would not seem to be out of the woods yet with the bold bishop set to make another attempt to wreck the interior and leave the rest of the place fall down from neglect. It has been said that the brave Denis Deasey, although not having any responsibility for Cobh, still wants to keep his “finger” in the Cathedral pie – or at least when he is not on holidays.

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