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@THE_Chris wrote:

The roads in Cobh are a shambles – they were barely good enough to cope with the population BEFORE all this new housing mess. Now they’re woefully inadequate.

Road Junctions that were once tolerable (and gave a soul some chanc of crossing) are now bedlam.
The junction by Ballynoe, under the railway bridge and close to the Ferry entrance. At rush hour god help
the residents coming down from the numerous estates off Ballynoe and trying to get on to the main road.

Even Belvelly anyone coming from East side, have to give way to those coming along by the seafont….nice little tail back building there some mornings……

Just some examples but many more…. seems we have an anti traffic light Town Council as anytime lights are brought up at their meetings, the town engineer always says not suitable..or so the meeting minutes state.

And with most of the Island under County Council area, guess no one ends up responsible

Just keep taking the fees and levies from developers…..

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