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@goldiefish wrote:

I was in the Links estate the other night and I was struck by the fact that in spite of the what must be close to a thousand houses in the many developments, there is only one road in and out of the estate.
And that exits on to a narrow winding road which in turn exits to a blind junction near the ferry. Great planning there!

Oh build away I think is the over-riding plan, if existing infrastructure is already bursting at the seams….nope consideration of that must on some real long term cunning plan…as so far not much evidence of it being given much thought…….

Only time I see them acutally applying rules and regulations is to a single dwelling applicant….. God forbid someone has the audacity to seek planning for the addition of a Velux window….oh no…

Want to build 100 houses with boreens as only access,,,,work away…

Perhaps something to do with fee/levies or suchlike…

Said it before…. a very level playing field indeed….

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