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@THE_Chris wrote:

Shameful, utterly shameful. They’ve ruined that side of Cobh completly.

As far as I know, the story with the 3 storey ones is like this –

Apparently, the developer wanted to put more houses on the site by increasing their density. He was refused this, but managed to get the same number of appartments in by adding an extra storey on top of them.

did you notice the big cleared area between ballynoe flemings developments and above the dockyard copperfields again flemings. Think this cleared bit in CCC area as CCC/UDC border somewhere around here.
won’t be long before this gap fills in….
then Behind Copperfields (new large er house above dockyard), planning is in old nuns field for another 60 or so houses….

would not surprise me if we later see more in Ballynoe developments in the remaing field sjust above the ferry pier. you can see them below
aobve old Maritem sheds . By the way there are due to be knock soon and apartments going in…. saw soil test rig in there..

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