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I suppose just from a Cork perspective:

1. The announcement of a 6000 seat capacity concert venue/convention centre arena being formally intro’d
2. One of the country’s largest capacity office developments being announced for the docklands
3. The greenlight of Water Street and Eglinton Street high-rises
4. Concrete movement on Horgan’s Quay
5. Work to begin on large Cornmarket Street project
6. Cork School of Music finally getting a move on – a long shot???
7. Frinailla finally getting a go ahead to redevelop the Watercourse Road
8. Completion of Cork County Hall refurbishment in Nov.
9. Opening of new Cork Airport Terminal in Nov also.
10. 500m euro Mahon Point SC opens Feb 1st.
11. 500m euro Ballincollig Town Centre Phase 1 opening for Oct 2005
12. Another high-rise application lodged
13. Announcement made on 500m euro North Ring Motorway and Tunnel
14. More movement on a number of docklands developments – possibly announcement being made on R&H Hall
15. Construction, long over due, of Kinsale (Magic) Roundabout Flyover – as well as flyovers for Sarsfield Road Roundabout and Bandon Road Roundabout.

Plus many more yet to be announced!

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