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The chaps behind Urban Nexus Initiative currently have an exhibition of their final report – ‘A Boulevard of Rooms & Corridors’ on view for the next 3 weeks at DarcSpace on North Great Georges Street and following that, moving to Dublin Civic Trust on Castle Street.

The exhibition is stimulating and it has to be said lovely to look at with plenty of insightful analysis and clever graphs of this most undervalued of Dublin’s corridors and routes. The final report includes detailed designs for a series of key public spaces along the Liffey including a re-imagined ‘room’ for O’Connell Bridge, a new civic space to the front of the Custom House, a series of smaller incidental spaces at Batchelors Walk, Burgh Quay and Wood Quay and the creation of a green boulevard from the Phoenix Park to Docklands.

The exhibition was launched by the Dublin City Lord Mayor, although sadly few of the staff of Dublin City Council managed to attend to show their support. The future for the Urban Nexus Initiative is to feed into a proposed Liffey LAP perhaps this year…perhaps next year.

While the attendance on Wednesday was good, I sensed a rather weary mood from attendees that despite all the fantastic ideas out there about how to create a beautiful and vibrant city centre (many of them done for nothing – such as this report – or on the cheap), nothing will get beyond the dead hand of Wood Quay and its myriad of ‘managers’. Sadly I fear that the lads excellent opus will simply fill a space on someone’s shelf.

The exhibition is well worth a look!

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