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@henno wrote:

your purported theory would also apply to cavity walls, hense my post…

if you have two terraced units, one is EWI and the other not, both units obviously assumed occupied, then both units can be assumed to be the same temperature… its just that the uninsulated unit needs to burn a lot more flue to get that temperature constant.

the theory of energy flux would state that as the internal of both units is under high pressure the energy is flux towards teh internal and not internal, moisture will be naturally repelled by this pressure differential. As the uninsulated dwelling will suffer significantly more temperature rises and falls, the moisture, whether interstitial or weather driven, will be directed towards the uninsulated unit, due to the EWI unit having a more constant temp and resultant constant pressure. If anything, the fact that the subject unit is insulated, the adjoining unit will actually suffer a greater moisture influx that would have existed prior to the insulating.

all the more reason to object to your neighbour doing it then so

Anyway – now that science has stamped tradition into the dust we can all look forward to a flowing tide of mundaneness engulfing the city. Now, where did I put that 1958article “Asbestos – Miracle Product!”

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