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For me, what this development so awfully highlights is the failure of the “one type fits all” planning process we have in Ireland. Arguably a UK-type process requiring Listing Building Consent separate to planning permission would force greater scrutiny of applications involving protected structures. It would require much more engagement than currently exists from Conservation Officers and indeed might even encourage Conservation Planners with a greater eye for the detail and intricacies of these buildings. It is obvious from this shameful case that the Conservation Officer was either disengaged, asleep, dead or on holliers while all the work was being done.

An excerpt from the Planner Reports states:

Interdepartmental Reports:
Conservation – No objection in principle however the appropriateness of the proposed
walkways running along the rear facades of the protected structures is questioned. These
should be omitted from the proposed development.

City Archaeologist – No objections subject to conditions.
Drainage – No report available as at the date of writing this report.
Roads – Discussed by phone with Roads and Traffic Planning Division and no objection in

Quite obviously there was no follow up from anyone while the works were taking place (presumably under the direction of a Conservation Architect as per the standard conditions/requirement).

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