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One hardens to the treatment of old buildings in Dublin. In this city, you’re forced to toughen up to the botched jobs, ill-informed alterations and new insertions, and on occasion wholesale demolition that still occurs from time to time, with the capital’s historic building stock.

It is disheartening to this happening with modest streetscape buildings. But when the same begins to afflict the city’s prestige terraces, you realise something is seriously, seriously wrong.

I got a glimmer of what those watching Fitzwilliam Street crumble before their eyes experienced back in the early 1960s on D’Olier Street this morning. The two central 1950s reproduction houses in the centre of the perfectly uniform Wide Streets Commission terrace of yellow brick, the Commission’s best and the city’s best, have just been rebuilt in machine-made RED BRICK.

I really don’t have the energy to express my sickness at this development, that I just knew from day one would be utterly botched. What has just happened in architectural terms is worse than the wholesale demolition of the end of this terrace here and on Westmoreland Street in the 1980s.

The other possibility is that they were wrongly rebuilt in red brick in the 1950s, and a vigorous cleaning has unearthed the error after half a century, in which case why on earth were they not re-pointed in yellow?!

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