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Arguably there’s two lanes more than is required on D’Olier Street, though I haven’t examined it closely. Certainly there always seems to be way too much space devoted to road on this thoroughfare – one lane most definitely.

And yes, widened pavements are the way to go for here and Westmoreland. Medians only tend to generate dead space if dividing busy roads – in an ideal world O’Connell Street wouldn’t have one either were it not for the monuments that line its length.

The Irish Times moving out offers great potential for poor old D’Olier/Dogeared St. Describing it in its most basic form as little more than a four lane road with a stack of bus stops alongside, one might be excused for thinking it to be the Stillorgan Road – albeit a magnificent brooding Georgian streetscape in substantial part. All it needs is a couple of flyovers.
Residential use seems the most likely for most of the upper floors, whether this be in domestic or hotel form. The nature of the street frontage and fenestration lends itself to it. Are there any Georgian domestic interiors/features left in any of the upper floors does anyone know?
The nasty red brick part of the terrace with ‘bungalow’ on top, though not in possession of the IT, ought also to be rebuilt to WSC specifications.

It’d be great to see the shop units along here once again fulfilling their original function – they’re not a bad size either. Strange that retailing has changed so little in 200 years!

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