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@missarchi wrote:

as we all know it is simply not needed… traffic is what 5km hr
it will be expected to increase to 5.23km hr therefore justifying 15 million…
I have no problem with the Irish Army providing a temp bridge…
but if metro north goes in the number of buses cars ect could be expected to go down down down…
if the ticket price is right which we have no idea…

fix o connoll st bridge pave the whole thing in stone and not the standard DCC landscaping solution competition I hear?

im seeing things

Sport on.
Bus ( & car) numbers will drop and so it should when a higher capacity service goes the same way. In fact the whole bus network has to be re-designed and it has to stop ths over crowing An Larism system that currently exists.

The 2 Luas tracks should use O’Connell St, the as trams have been doing for many, many years, and head to Liffey Jtn and onward to Finglas.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that Mary O’Rourke should foot the bill for all this as it was her decision to break the Luas into 2 lines under the pressure of city centre business lobbies that started this mess in the first place. Then same groups later call for the Luas link up and for the metro, then they say that they don’t want the construction to occur. :rolleyes:

And now Dublin Bus has make things worse by crying like a little baby and forcing the RPA to come up with the up O’Connell st , down Marlborough St plan all because they refuse to re-design their network.:cool:

p.s. (As for the design, yes bland but can you be more than bland at this spot)

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