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Gordon Rowland of the council’s road design department,said the bridge…

Need any more be said? They’ve been lusting after this for this for years.

What a way to f*ck up the compelling rhythm of bridges along the Liffey. What’s galling is the lies and deliberate deceptions used in the PR to justify this. It won’t “open up” anything in the city in the same way that D’Olier St. doesn’t “open up” anything. It “opens up” a corridor which goes nowhere except to inpenetrable side of Trinity. Why not admit that this is a traffic engineer’s bridge and nothing else. The mention of a Luas using the bridge is simply a deliberate lie; BX is off the cards for the forseeable future.

Worse, this will severely compromise the symmety of the setting of O’Connell Bridge. It will also devalue it’s significance by reducing the amount of river it commands. Leaving O’Connell Bridge to rot (besides inserting weirdly shaped balusters – bulb like instead of teardrop shaped) and using it as a Taxi rank while persuing this project is absolutely typical.

Why not spend the money on a proper restoration of O’Connell Bridge? It’s plenty wide for bikes, pedestrians, wheelchairs and anything else and it actually leads to somewhere people actually want to go. It is part of a carefully designed set piece and is one of the most important locations in the city.

The egos required to confidently ignore the significance of the context and condition of O’Connell Bridge must be immense. Do any of the philistines in DCC ever even wonder why other European cities which straddle rivers (I know aspiring to Paris is expecting too much) treat their historic bridges with loving care and think about the impression such bridges leave on visitors?

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