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I was thinking they could introduce bulb replacement as a kind of added hurdle for that annual canoe race down the liffey !

Seriously tho’ in an ideal world bulbd should be replaced before they blow, it’s pretty easy to work out the life expectancy, so why not put in place a scheduled bulb replacement for any and all difficult to access bulbs, 2 blokes, one boat, one day, do the whole lot in one go,

(yes, I know I’m dreaming, but it reality they’re no harder to replace than the lamps in high level motorway lighting, just a different problem, I’m sure there’s a couple of lads in the corpo that’d love the idea of spending the day bobbing about on the Liffey!)

I kind of shyed away from mentioning the obvious advantages of LEDs (life expectancy/power consumption etc etc) as as soon as you mention LED’s some people tend to automatically assume they’re going to be changing colour! (cue “outraged cries of “you want to turn the river into a disco!!!”) although having the ability to alter rhe colours for specific days a la the empire state building is an interesting option. They would be perfect for saturated colours, but the colour of the white light outpout from white LED’s isn’t really ideal for lighting stonework, and due to the RGB nature of colour mixing LED’s they don’t do tints or shades of colour very ewll.

Another option that would work well on some of the bridges would be edge lighting with side glow figre optic cable, you can stick your light source somewhere easy to access.

and it’s gotta be blue with deep amber ripples 😀

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