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You can usually keep up to date on the application through the LAs website. You should also consult the An Bord Pleanala website to find the details of making an appeal. You have 4 weeks from the date of grant by the LA to appeal to ABP and as mentioned you (or your group) must have been originally involved in the application. You should be advised in writing of the LAs decision if you have lodged and appeal (but dont depend on it). Keep all correspondance.

Regarding your grounds for objection to the scheme, these will still be valid even after Additional Information has been requested and provided and must still be considered by the planning authority.

Finally, regardng court action mentioned here, it is important that you realise that the decision of An Bord Pleanala is final. You may only approach the courts on points of law, things like ‘has due process been followed’ etc.

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