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I don’t see why the CB can’t stay there and in fact should be compelled to do so.

So what they have to use more than one location, many of their departments have absolutely no links and don’t need to be in the same building. It is crazy that the state should have to expend so much to construct that building only for it to be abandoned when it becomes a little outdated internally.

The Times building for instance is very close by and could house the Regulator, while the policy units etc stay in the Stephenson building. Isn’t there also a large empty office building on Georges st?

The alternative is the Stephenson building lying empty for years. Nobody will want to take it over, it needs updating and is too large to rent on its own with the economy in its current state and its location. It is only suitable for a government entity. Unless the CB can arrange a swap with a downsizing company , they should stay were they are.

It is simply the vanity of the senior people in the Bank who want a shiny new HQ in the docks to compete with the lawyers, accountants, and IT whizzes. Money is being poured into the CB right now for obvious reasons and I understand they are snapping up resources even if they can’t put them to use. It will be the HSE all over again, lots of money spent and no results, And it will be the city that suffers.

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