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@arachne wrote:

I say it has to go. In its own right, as architecture, it is not without merit. But it is not of a quality that justifies its impact on the roofline – it elbows stubbornly into so many vistas where it does not belong. Take a look from South Leinster Street sometime, from College Street, or looking south from Liffey Street. The elegance that can be appreciated from Dame Street is lacking from nearly all of the many other perspectives it inhabits. From any distance, it simply appears plonked incongruously in classic 70s style smack in the middle of the historic core.

I might agree with you if our historic core was like Prague’s historic core. But Dublin is already a mish-mash of buildings anyway. Isn’t the fact that it’s so incongruous half of what’s so interesting about it? The contrast between it and the surrounding low-rise buildings as you walk behind is one of the most epically urban experiences in Dublin, which is blighted in so many places with bland uniformity of height.

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