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If ever a building said ‘BANK’, this is it.

I agree.

If ever a building looked like a stack of fresh-minted notes, it’s Sam’s baby :angel:

I doubt if the Central Bank would have much chance of getting a new building for themselves in the present time.
As Service Charge says, they just need to use some of the various vacant offices nearby to house the new departments covering their increased oversight duties and keep the senior staff and regular units in the existing block.

Looking at things in the longer term however I see no reason why some other appropriate use couldn’t be found for this building.
All architects – Sam Stephenson included – have to have regard to alternative uses for their buildings. Nowadays – I mean since the 1980s – most buildings have very clear alternative uses designed into them. The Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield was rumouredly laid out as it was so that if the shoppers didn’t come in sufficient numbers, the place could be offered as a prison location . . . And a lot of Section 23 apartment blocks would be readily adaptable into offices.
The only thing is that the new tenants would have to complement the spirit of this great building.
It would be nice if the general public had more access to see it from within.
I can’t think of any people less worthy of having such a workplace than Patrick Neary and his ilk. Oh for the chance of giving him a swift kick in the transom off the top floor . . .

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