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@Mansard wrote:

So, Sfamato, as a resident of Wexford what would you prefer?

More historical pagentry? Something that will be forgotten in a few months time. Would you like something that pays homage to a single-sided inaccurate view of some skirmish that was really a good excuse for hanging protestants, that would be 1798 and all that. Would you like another Pikeman, or maybe a viking boat or something similar to the Shaw’s building, another crass Tourist Office, a whites hotel, or maybe something like the new Tesco Store.

Or something that wiill generate interest in the town, why can so many developing countries and so called ‘deprived 3rd’ world countries accept Marco Dessardo’s work yet this country, ‘one of the best economies and most advanced etc etc, cannot.

Sfamato have you ever seen the Lloyds Building or The Beaubourg Centre? If they can use pipes why not Wexford.

I don’t think a historical sculpture or anything “rebelious” would be right for the town because as you were clearly getting at, the town is full of it. and as for your list I for one dont see anything wrong with the Shaws building, its better than what was there and has rejuvinated that part of the town, the tourist office is different, cant say im overly impressed with it, but i still dont see a problem with it. Whites is not everyones taste, I walk into town by passing it by, and i smile because it reminds me of the Enterprise. And as for the Tesco store, what exactly were you expecting? A Georgian castle?

I dont know if the sculpture would generate interest in the town except to get people laughing at it as the drive past it on the bridge. I personally dont see what it represents, I can get what it is. If you explain to me what it is suppose to be, maybe ill look at it differently, but as it stands right now, for me, It’s weird for weirds sake.

I personally don’t know what should go inplace on it, I honestly dont.

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