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Missarchi gets the idea right about pedestrianisation of College Green plus car tunnel. Bus routes could be a problem. What about the archaeology? What happened the thingmote? Was this removed at the same time as the WSC changes?

In general Westmoreland Street is cheap and nasty. This is because it lies in no mans land between the north side and the south side. Frankly the city hasn’t given tripe about this area for decades. The Liffey is attended to in Docklands but generally never gets its walls washed or pointed. Why is this? For all the blankness of the Westin it is a classy hotel but faces onto sheer tat. The tat is compounded by the whole place being a filthy bus garage instead of a set down and pick up point for passengers. You wonder why it attracts Rail Station type functions? The streets all around are used for bus parking.

In my humble opinion there are a few options that should be considered. Buses should run down the quays eastward, past O’Connell Bridge towards the docks, loop over one of the new bridges and straight out of the city again. In the same vein buses should loop around D’Olier Street, into Westmorland Street and away again north out of the city. Buses along Pearse Street should also turn around and loop directly at College Green instead of standing their. Like wise what is the deal on Fleet Street, Townsend Street etc, etc? The whole area is unpleasant for people to linger in.

I remember a smart alecs comments on why the buses we had were Bombardier Buses because they were named aptly after the beetles:
Bombardier beetles store two separate chemicals (hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide). When they are threatened, the two chemicals are squirted through two tubes, where they are mixed along with small amounts of catalytic enzymes and undergo a violent exothermic chemical reaction. The boiling, foul-smelling liquid partially becomes a gas (flash evaporation) and is expelled with a loud popping sound..

In any event this area is crying out for soap and water in the first case and some coherent plan in the second case.

A final point: The best thing about Westmorland Street is Pat Ingoldsby!

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