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Gunter this obsession of yours! anyway, you have, again, misunderstood my stand on the grass in front of Trinity, i agree, or at least generally agree with you, regarding hard landscaping in urban settings, my point regarding Trinity is that main university buildings almost always have grass in front of them, the examples I provided weren’t obscure, and for me, and for tcd, the fact the small piece of tcd-owned land in college green is in front of a university building trumps the fact it is part of an urban landscape.

I say I generally agree with you, rather than always agree with you because I have been in NYc for the last four weeks and with your obsession in mind have been looking at the small garden parks here and yes, some of them are very effective. Of course, the NYc urban parks exist in a completely different context, some NY city compositions are effective precisely because their lack the coherence, of logic, emphasises their essential muscularity.

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