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Yes the whole drawing room ceiling lights up magnificently; such a grand sight from down in the murky damp conditions on Westland Row – makes you feel like a right pleb 😀

Just so Cork doesn’t get swamped with Dublin, here’s that unusual curved building on the corner with Merrion St and Lincoln Place – not only because it’s roundy :), but also as it is a rare enough example of Regency/early Victorian architecture.

Unfortunately it suffered a fire a year or two ago and has yet to be restored to the exterior at least.

One building that has been restored though is right next door, this delightful little Victorian:

It looks great now crowning the top of Westland Row (aside from the advertising hoarding of course :rolleyes: ), with the sashes also having been restored – always been one of my favourite buildings in Dublin.

There’a such a fine mix of architecture on Westland Row, especially the eastern side which is often ignored in deference to Trinity’s impressive terrace.

Along with Kildare St though it is probably the worst lit street in the capital; likewise the paving and street furniture could do with improvement including the widening if possible of the footpaths.
At many times of the day there’s 5-10 times? the amount of pedestrians on the street as people in cars, yet they are afforded a dismal amount of space on the street.

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