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Sadly the Merrion Street elevation needs considerable work. Many bricks are spalling quite badly.

Note this elevation is west-facing, exposed to rain and thus freeze-thaw action.

These illegal plastic windows only went in recently. Classy.

Some delightful cylinder glass in the neighbouring building though.

The pair of shops around here are probably original, though their shopfronts likely to be Edwardian.

Pilasters, fascias and console brackets can still be made out.

The lovely raised granite platform suggests the shops did not extend all of the way across originally.

Again beautiful craftsmanship in the cutting of slabs is evident here, with unbroken curves hewn out of a single piece at each end. I thought I’d leave the syringe for dramatic effect.

Unusually delicate ironwork to the end of the platform, a feature very much of the Dublin tradition. The newel post has long been knocked off.

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