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maybe the program cast doubt on the legality of the planning applications he made. as it stands, a registered architect is not required to be involved in an application, and many small extensions or even dwellings woud not involve a member of the RIAI or RIBA. the issues highlighted by the program were his over-charging for poor work with unrealistic guarantees for successful applications, as well as immoral (and in some cases illegal) occasions when he presented himself as a qualified architect or as a member of a certified institute.

your friend’s application will be judged on it’s merits, which may or may not be of a high standard or even a standard that might satisfy the planners. the “architect” involved would not be an issue, or at least it shouldn’t be.

one thing that appalls me from that show is his zero percent pre-planning discussion record. he just fires them in without consultation, and with fees ranging from 3 grand upwards, the least you’d expect is a bit of effort on the part of your designer to placate planners and take into account any concrens they might have regards your design.

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