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@SirRaymondMang wrote:

to quote his website

“Our principal: Mr. David Grant has over 25 years experience in Architecture, Design property development and planning applications, of small, medium and large scale projects. We have completed design projects in 7 countries.

He has been consulted as an expert & written articles published in “The Sunday Times” & “The Irish Independent” Newspapers.”

Face it, his ‘website’ is as farcical as the man himself. Naturally he’s going to hype up his profile. What annoys me is the fact that he still gets away with it and the little fines do little to prevent him making a career change. Maybe he could take up BER assessing.

Incidentally, there are few other companies I have come across that have have a team of highly qualified ‘Architects and other disciplines’, yet the highest qualification they possess is a certificate in building studies (if lucky).

It is quite worrying that qualifications in any profession mean so little these days.

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