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@Graham Hickey wrote:

Thankfully no :).
Sorry, meant to post about this being on earlier in the week but I forgot.
It got decidedly more interesting once a handful of Georgian’s came into it :), which spookily I passed only the other day and noted how appalling they looked…

Yes clearly Grant’s a nasty piece of work, and it is extraordinary how after years of the biggest construction boom this country has ever seen, there is still no regulation in the practice of architecture here.
I wonder if this will get the wheels in motion.
A good piece of journalisim, although I found the linking of the Stardust disaster in such an indirect fashion to Mr Grant a tad sensationalist.

I couldn’t agree more on the lack of regulation regarding professional input, I’m not saying that everything requiring planning permission should require an architect to sign off on the plans but certainly any project that involves heritage property or an independent structure or in the case of an extension over say 60 sq m.

I doubt this is what Tony Reddy was referring to when he spoke about 85% of the complaints received being outside their remit as the works were designed by non-architects.

Regarding comparison with the Stardust, that probably should have been left out, it is a little close to home for some people; although his sort probably wouldn’t care less if they were cutting corners and something hypothetically were to happen.

All in all primetime at their patient best :p

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