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RTE probe man gets building go-ahead
Sunday Business Post
03 April 2005 By Liz Walsh

Last August, another of Grant’s hostels, on Adelaide Road, went on fire and occupants had to jump from the second floor windows. He had no permission to run the hostel and no fire safety certificate.

The council threatened legal proceedings before the fire but did not follow through after Grant promised, in March of last year, to cease using it as a hostel.

There appears to be strong evidence, however, that the building was being used as a hostel when the fire broke out.

Does anyone know the status of this building at present?

I passed here yesterday and noticed that the front door and windows are still covered off by corragated iron sheeting, there appears to be no plan by grant to restore this building given that he is advertising ‘Car-Spaces To- Let’ which to my mind is not something you would do if a major building renovation were planned in the short term. Which to my mind is the only acceptable period, if Grant is unwilling or unable to return this property to a condition in accordance with the building regulations then action should be taken to ensure it reaches the marketplace via CPO where there are dozens of investors who would.

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