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New Boutiqe hotel at Pery Square / Barrington Street

Just a few months after the re-opening of the George, Limerick is to get another “boutique” hotel, this time one of the Georgians on Pery Square is to be renovated to provide a luxury hotel and health spa. The hotel market in Limerick has exploded in recent years, 5 opened last year and 2007 should see the Hilton and the Marriott opening their doors!

The Property at the corner of Pery Square & Barrington Street was used as a hostel until a couple of years ago, it was built by the Pery tontine company in 1838 as a result of a fairly interesting scheme!

using a financial device, called a Tontine, which was quite common then but is now banned. There were 89 shares which cost £120 per share. Each share had a life nominee and while this nominee was alive, the shareowner received dividends from the rental income earned by the company. But as each life died so also did the share it represented. The process continued until only six shares were left. The owners of these six shares got a house each.

Limerick City Council


Boschurch Ltd. C/O Select Hotels Ireland

Development Description: 1. Change of use from derelict dwelling house and former hostel premises to hotel and health spa and all associated facilities. 2. Demolish existing derelict single storey clay brick shed. 3. Demolish and relocate existing derelict clay brick garden wall/conservatory and limestone steps and reinstate gardens: 4. Construct new five storey over basement structure linked to the existing derelict 2 storey over basement dwelling house on Barrington St. to accommodate car parking, restaurant, bedrooms and associated facilities: 5. Construct new external stairs from new basement area to street level and modify existing railings, gates and limestone plinth on Barrington Street. 6. Construct new external stairs from existing basement lightwell area and modify existing railings, gates and limestone plinth on Barrington Street: 7. Form new window ope fit new window and sill on the first floor of No. 1 Pery Square Barrington Street elevation: 8. All related ancillary works. This application is also for a revision of previously granted permission No. P03/434. This is a Protected Structure. SEE ATTACHED SCHEDULE

Development Address: 1 Pery Square and
9 Barrington Street,

Original Application


for change of use of existing Hostel to a Guest House to consist of a kitchen, dining room, toilets and staff toilets in the basement, 2 no. bedrooms and ensuites, an office and reception on the ground floor, a residents lounge and a residents conference room on the first floor, 3 no. bedrooms and ensuites on the second floor, 3 no. bedrooms and ensuites on the third floor. Permission sought to make a good existing slate the existing roof, repair all external windows and doors where required, fit new internal partitions, doors and screens, reposition and replace existing boiler together with re-plumbing, re-wire to include fire detection and security system, reopen one number window on the first floor on the Barrington Street elevation and to demolish and rebuild the existing garden wall to accommodate the enlargement of the parking area (the building is a listed Protected Structure)

Development Address: No. 1 Pery Square

Attached Image

No.1 Pery Square (1st building on the left)

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