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@CologneMike wrote:

City Centre Remodelling Project (Managers Report for 2007)

(d) Limerick City Centre Orbital Route
Arup Consulting Engineers working with the Roads Engineering staff of Limerick City Council have developed plans for an Inner Orbital Route in Limerick City that will facilitate the full pedestrianisation of O’Connell Street between William Street and Roches Street thus creating a high quality pedestrianised public space in Limerick City centre. This Inner Orbital Route will also facilitate the extensive re-modelling of the remainder of the streetscape of O’Connell Street and William Street providing wider modern footpaths and new street furniture. A number of different options on the Orbital Route were presented to the Transportation & Infrastructure SPC in November of 2006 and detailed plans are currently been prepared for both the Orbital Route and the remodelling of O’Connell Street and William Street so that this major scheme can be advanced to the Part 8 public consultation phase during the first quarter of 2007. Extensive consultation will be carried out with all stakeholders during the first quarter of 2007, to create plans that best reflects the type of city centre the citizens of Limerick city will desire in the future.

So the part pedestrianisation of O Connell Street is still very much on the cards, it looked like they had abandoned this plan as there hadnt been a word about it since the original plans were first revealed back in 2001!

It sounds like a great proposal in theory and the with the re-modelling works due due to start later this year, which I thinks its way earlier than anyone could’ve expected. I just wonder though will this route (which is vital to the pedestrianisation project!) be in place by the Autumn?.. Pretty hard to see it really! If it isnt, where will all the traffic go?, There is bound to be fairly serious disruption!, I would guess the project will take 2 years (at least!) to complete, however the Southern ring isnt due to open till 2010! Will the re-modelling works not start without the orbital route?

So many questions!

There were a few images the O Connell Street plans in the Limerick Leader over Christmas, looks pretty much to be a replica of the paving used on Bedford Row and Thomas Street, does anybody else think that they should go for something different on O Connell street?..something a bit more special and distinct from the other revamped streets! It is supposed to be the city’s flagship street after all!

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