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More on the Opera Centre from this weeks Limerick Leader, always a big fan of negativity!

December 23rd 2006

Developers say they are not pulling plug

Opera centre developers are denying that they intend to pull the plug on Limericks shopping mecca due to the number of conditions set out by An Bord Pleanala for the project to go ahead.

And developers are now looking at other locations for the €250 million development as they are “fed up” with redrawing their plans for the Patrick Street area, claims a city councilor.

But Belfast businessman Suneil Sharma and CEO of Regeneration Developments Ltd, told the Limerick Leader they fully intend to pursue their plans. “As far as we’re concerned these are just rumours. We are fully committed to the project, even though we’ve had some difficulties going forward. But we’re still going ahead” said Mr. Sharma.

Property owners on Patrick Street and Ellen Street were told by developers that the takeover would be finalized this November but that date now looks likely to drag on for at least another 4 months. “The take-over still hasn’t been finalized, the developers have seriously been thinking of pulling out and have been scouring other areas like Galway” said Cllr. Jim Long.

“I am led to believe the developers are seriously peeved off. Its report after report after report. We could have a potentially serious dilemma on our hands. “I believe this could warrant more co-operation,” concluded Cllr. Long.

An engineers report on the revised development I expected to reach Limerick City Council for assessment in February, which could take another 4 weeks to approve. This November Regeneration Developments Ltd were sent back to the drawing board after An Bord Pleanala set out 18 conditions for the project to go ahead. Four Georgian buildings on Rutland Street, which were due to be demolished for the construction of the Opera Centre, now have to be conserved and repaired.

Local architect Cait Ni Ceallachain who refused to accept a €250,000 payoff to withdraw her objection, criticized the original plans on the grounds that architectural heritage would be lost if the project went ahead.

The project, which is the biggest development in the country at present, is set to bring 1,200 new jobs to the region.

Damn those objectors for trying to save whats left of the city’s Georgian heritage, the cheek of them, they should be ashamed of themselves!

Cllr Long seems to specialise in the use of scare tactics, he’s been constantly giving on about planning delays. In a way he has a point but you have to strike a balance between an efficient planning process and the avoidance of development at all costs!

Anyway, enough of that, Happy Christmas to all our Limerick contributors, have a good one!:D

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