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@CologneMike wrote:

The two red brick buildings maybe listed, because they are a 100+ years old or so. If they are listed it still should not be a taboo to re-evaluate their status in light of the regeneration programme of the city especially with it’s emphasis on the ‘riverside city project’. The new proposal is logically a good one for the Boat Club if of course they are part of the proposal. New facilities would bring more members into club and people onto the river. The Shannon River is a totally under utilised amenity in Limerick. Similar proposals would be good for St Michael’s on Cleeve’s Bank and the Curragour Boat house along side the Court house.

Personally I see very little architectural merit or charm in those red brick buildings as compared to the Shannon Rowing Club on the other side of the bridge. In fact it’s the cut-stone Sarsfield Bridge with it’s once movable metal sections between Wellesley Pier and Poor Man’s Kilkee that should be the major focus of attention and not these small add-ons.

Why not consider a third option which would see the Wellesley Pier return to it’s original state just like Poor Man’s Kilkee is today i.e. an open green space.
In my opinion by removing the red brick buildings it would:
(1) Greatly improve the view of the beautiful cut-stone bridge.
(2) Reveal the once movable part of Sarsfield Bridge.
(3) Wellesley Pier as an open green space would be accessible for every one.
(4) Docking permanently a sailing ship (Maritime Museum) along side Poor Man’s Kilkee.

Yeah, I agree those red brick buildings being knocked wouldn’t be much of a loss to the city, they are quiet an eyesore sometimes and are not of any architectural importance to me. On the other hand though the Shannon Boat Club is a highly impressive building and always looks stunning on a sunny day.
A Maritime Museum would be really nice but I don’t know whether it would take off as an attraction…although something that works well in European Cities is having Stationary Boats used as Restaurants. Something along those lines could be popular with local diners. If they removed the two red brick buildings i would like to see it used as a public area rather than some other developments, what I’d like to see there would be a public space with one of those coffee kiosks along the river in the summer like Cruises Coffee Co. on Bachelors Walk in Dublin.
Limerick really needs to focus on the river in the future. The Riverside City project just isn’t doing enough in my opinion, hasn’t been updated in a long time and their projects don’t seem to be arising. I think things like boat-trips and public areas along the river would really help Limerick’s Riverside. Limerick City Council should also try and promote the Canal in Limerick and the beautiful Marina we have.

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