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@CologneMike wrote:

Where is your sense of curiosity when somebody makes a proposal for such a potential cultural amenity? Would it not be fair to give the Limerick Boat Club and the developer Michael Daly an opportunity to present their plans first to the public. It’s one thing raising concerns about the consequences of any particular development, but it’s not positive to knock it outright before seeing what’s on offer. Innovatively and quality wise he has delivered very well on phase one of the Riverpoint. So when he says “What we are aiming to achieve is a building which is sensitive to its surroundings, that is tastefully done and that will enchance the riverside city development,” explained Michael Daly, Developer, Fordmount Property Group”, I’m curious to see despite my own reservations, what he will present. Are you not?

I’m sad to say my sense of curiosity evapourated with my trust in developers a long time ago. Let’s not forget that while Riverpoint is a very impressive building to look from a distance, at ground level it is the usual mesh of vents that ensure the street remains lifeless, sadly, it’s ugliest floor is also it’s street level floor.

Perhaps I am being unfair, it just seems that everytime someone wants to build on the river they drag out the same tired cultural improvements line, the city falls for it, and 9 months later we have an Arthur’s Quay or a Steamboat Quay and the only culture involved is the ever decresing faith in developers.

Also, with the university building a top class rowing faciity, with 3city centre rowing clubs, I find it hard to have much sympathy for those who let Limerick Boat Club fall in to such disrepair that such dramatic surgery is needed.

All in all, I think the view of LBC, Shannon Boatclub with the castle in the backround, from the Shannon bridge, is an iconic view of Limerick, and doesn’t need much improvement or destruction. Talk to me about development where it is needed and you’ll get my full support.

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