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Kerry Group Lands (formerly Cleeves)

Limerick Docklands Initiative – (Section 8) January 2005

Strategic location

The Cleeves complex with its prominent position on the Shannon Skyline is at present underexploited in terms of its strategic location on the banks of the Shannon and proximity to Shannon Bridge. The Master Plan concentrates on bringing together these assets to unlock the potential of the site. The Cleeves site should be integrated back into the fabric of the city thus balancing gateway development on both sides of the Shannon.

River Platforms
The Master Plan proposes a series of river platforms in the form of river walkways in the Westfields, a dedicated route and viewing area under Shannon Bridge and upper courtyards in the former factory complex. The purpose of these chains of gathering and activity spaces is to provide constant reference points back to the Shannon and to the wider city view.

Existing Urban Fabric
The existing urban fabric of the factory complex of buildings has a very strong cloister like quality that is retained in the Master Plan design. The unique aspects of the site such as the fine old cut stone warehouse, chimney and tidal reservoirs are all retained and provide four interconnected courtyards each allowing for a separate activity and gathering space.


The range of uses proposed is set out as a sustainable mix for the Cleeves site and as part of the newly integrated fabric of Limerick City Centre. A change from the present factory and warehouse use to a mixed use residential and commercial area is proposed in order to promote a more balanced and enlivened area which will provide an enhanced environment for the Shannon River bank.

Residential / Commercial
A mix of residential and commercial development is proposed for the three central interconnected courtyards of the former factory complex which reflects the scale and grandeur of this robust complex. In contrast the three residential courtyards provide sheltered enclaves that are self-contained with semi-public open spaces.

Community /Recreational
The community and recreational uses are integrated with the newly reconfigured walkway under Shannon Bridge, and consist of a retail kiosk at the entrance to Westfields and a recommendation for a new Boat Club building that could engage with its riverfront location and benefit from a new public viewing platform for races. A new network of walkways is proposed through Westfields, creating animation along this side of the Shannon.


The Cleeves site is perfectly positioned to benefit from a number of accessibility proposals in the Master Plan, chief among them being the reconfiguration of the Shannon Bridge roundabout, to the south side of the river, to a signalised junction which will facilitate access by pedestrians and cyclists across the bridge.

River Walk
A strong pedestrian and cyclist promenade is proposed along the River Bank. This thoroughfare connects into Westfields park and the Limerick City river walk across Shannon Bridge.

Courtyard Route
A central circulation route is proposed through the three interconnected courtyards of the former factory complex. This route provides an enlivened public thoroughfare that allows for public elements to be positioned into the heart of the Cleeves site and then out onto the River Bank.

Local Network
A flexible street network has been proposed as part of the Master Plan for the Green Park Precinct. The core objective of this is to provide a network of connectivity between the central courtyards and the river bank and Westfields.

As part of a coherent car parking strategy for the study area and Limerick City Centre, sufficient parking will be provided on site which will take into account the city centre location.

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