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Council awaits new plans for strand development (Limerick Post by Marie Hobbins)

CITY councillors have given unanimous approval to an official recommendation from the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) that the Clancy Strand residence, Jackson’s Turret, be included on the record of protected structures for Limerick.

The report was commissioned by John Bradley, executive planner, Limerick City Council, to review the historical significance and architectural conservation merits of the building which is at the centre of a controversial planning application for an apartment block.

In an original planning application, permission was sought by the developer to demolish Jackson’s Turret and two neighbouring empty buildings to facilitate the development of a five storey, 49 apartment block with underground parking. Objections from residents of Clancy Strand and Priory Park have been lodged with Limerick City Council. The developer, Ger Wall who resides in Jackson’s Turret, told the Limerick Post that he will reduce the development from 49 apartments to 35 and will now continue to live in Jackson’s Turret.

Cllr John Ryan asked if a new planning application has been lodged.

“This is one of the most strategically placed sites in the city and there’s huge interest in it and what people will want to know is what bearing this report will have on the development,” he asked.

Concern that the building’s curtilage (in this case the old stone wall) would be interfered with or removed, was voiced by cllr Kathleen Leddin

Cllr Kevin Kiely referred to unoccupied properties and adjoining land.

We do need a development here even if it is scaled down – I’d be worried that we would be left with a derelict site,” he said

Cllr Pat Kennedy recommended that Jackson’s Turret curtilage should also be granted protected status but was assured by senior planner, Dick Tobin, that under new legislation both a dwelling and its surrounding curtelage are simultaneously protected.

“However, there is a planning application on the site. Being listed will colour any application and any intelligent applicant will bear this in mind, but so far haven’t yet seen any new plans.

“We agree that some form of development for the area is desirable and we take on board the character of the area. The NIAH report will go to the Minister for the Environment who may make certain recommendations to the Council,” he said.

Mr Tobin told Cllr Leddin that in relation to concern for the curtilage, the applicant can apply under Section 59 Declaration to have defined what parts of the curtilage are essential and which parts can be developed.

“In this case, the wall could be an issue but this can only be considered after it becomes officially listed – permission can be applied for all parts of the site,” he said.

The mighty Shannon

After closing the shaft for the tunnel boring machine they left a lovely rubble heap in the river as a reminder :rolleyes: that €200 million was spent on a state of the art sewerage treatment system for Limerick City. Or could this rubble heap be part of a land reclamation plan by the City Council for another ad hoc mini park but there is no small change left over?
I wonder what effect all these little intrusions into riverbed could have on the volume of water flowing by. To be sure bottle-necking the river here should whip up the curragower falls to the joy of the canoeists. I wonder what does Waterways Ireland think about the navigation of the river as an amenity below the falls not to mention the trouble boats have on passing lock quay (Abbey bridge) against the fast currents. I think the Abbey weir project is a great idea, but it shows that the planners under estimated the powerful Shannon and its Abbey offspring. Tides, ESB-Hydro discharges (Ardnacrushna), narrowing of the river over the last 100 years or so, water drainage schemes further up river and seasonal spring flooding are factors that will have to be taken on board especially if want we to enjoy the Shannon as a water amenity.

Image #1 Jackson’s turret and river rubble heap

Image #2
Blue highlighted area is planning site.
Black highlighted is the rubble heap.
Red highlighted reclaimed land for park, built as a gift by a builder who redeveloped the Strand barracks.

Image #3 Abbey weir

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