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The health sciences building kind of looks like a waterpark to me, its been in operation for just over a year at this stage, its a fair trek from the main campus although this will improve when the pedestrian bridge opens early next year. Along with the graduate entry medical school the next major project on the new north campus will be the Irish world music village, the school will move from the basement of the concert hall to a new site across the river, this is scheduled to begin construction in 2007. Also the new Kemmy business school building is currently under construction beside the Schuman building!

Also i see the Roxboro shopping centre is set to get a (modest) makeover!

Permission to alter and extend Roxboro Shopping Centre. The proposed works comprise the demolition of 5 no. mall retail units and toilet block and replacement of the same with a building of greater height and a larger footprint containing 3 no. retail units together with a doctors surgery of 77sq.m and new customer toilets creating a total increased floor area of 243sq.m. The works also include the creation of a new 1,100sq.m. leisure zone (class of use 11d and/or 11e under the Planning and Development Act) at first floor level in the existing high bay retail unit facing Childer’s Road. The ground floor of this existing high bay retail unit will include access/egress for the first floor leisure zone of 36sq.m, internal alteration forming 4 no. smaller retail units and a 210sq.m. bookmakers unit, which is being relocated from an already approved location. The application includes for new signage and roof mounted satellite dishes for the bookmaker unit. Works on this existing high-bay unit will also include new elevation treatments and a storage extension of 77sq.m. Other works include resurfacing/leveling of malls, car parking and fire escape routes together with all the ancillary site and services works.

Roxboro Shopping Centre,
Roxborough Road/Childers Road,

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