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So from what I can see the buildings that are proposed for total demolition? Are.. No.s 6,7 Rutland street, 6,7 Patrick Street and 3 Ellen street, 4 & 5 Rutland street were due for demolition in the original application but now their façades are to be retained?..

See Board Direction Condition # 2

2. (a) The Georgian period buildings No’s 4 and 5 Rutland Street shall be conserved and repaired. The new build shall not oversail the retained No’s 4 and 5 Rutland Street.

Unfortunately there isnt any detailed description of the materials to be used or the new frontages to michael street/ Ellen st etc.

See Board Direction Condition # 10

10. Details of all materials, colours and textures of all external finishes, including windows, roofs and shopfronts, and including the vehicular entrance gates to the basement from Bank Place, shall be submitted to and agreed in writing by the planning authority, prior to commencement of development. All signage, including any associated external lighting, shall be the subject of separate applications to the Planning Authority.
Reason: In the interest of the visual amenities of the area.

Board Direction

Tuborg, it’s a real jigsaw puzzle of a read.
Has the developer responded yet?
Here the original proposed development (See Orders)
It contains more information than was posted on the Limerick City Council Site (05548)

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Demolition of numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 Rutland Street, a five-storey office building at the junction of Patrick Street/Ellen Street (number 7 Patrick Street), number 6 Patrick Street, number 3 Ellen Street, Eurosurf and Workspace buildings on Michael Street, demolition with façade retention of numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Ellen Street, number 5 Patrick Street and numbers 8 and 9 Rutland Street, refurbishment of number 4 Patrick Street. The proposed development will provide retail/services accommodation on four floors including basement, providing approximately 28,000 square metres gross lettable area of retail/public house/restaurant/food court facilities in a new shopping mall. New buildings will be inserted in the existing streetscape at Bank Place]

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