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So from what I can see the buildings that are proposed for total demolition? Are.. No.s 6,7 Rutland street, 6,7 Patrick Street and 3 Ellen street, 4 & 5 Rutland street were due for demolition in the original application but now their façades are to be retained?..

In terms of total demolition of buildings of architectural heritage, this is relatively limited. Nos. 6 & 7 Rutland St. date from the 20th Century; there will be an impact with the loss of No. 6 Patrick St., although the Applicant submits that little in the way of original features survive either externally or internally; No. 7 Patrick St. is a modern corner building which contributes little to the streetscape; No. 3 Ellen St. is also a 20th Century intervention. Overall, such total demolition as proposed is reasonably justified by the Applicant, in terms of achieving a balance between the protection of the cultural heritage, and the provision of an adequate design and layout of the new development. It is noted that much of the proposed demolition relates to more modern buildings which are not deemed worthy of retention.

Finally some detail on the actual layout of the complex!

In its simplest terms, the proposed development comprises a shopping centre, essentially with retail units, including 2 no. anchor units, based around an internal mall. The centre includes a foodcourt at Second Floor Level, whilst the overall scheme includes 2 no. additional stand-alone café/restaurant premises, one fronting onto Ellen St., and the other fronting onto Bank Place. A basement level provides service access and storage. Landmark entrances are proposed at key nodes

Ground Level
The internal circulation area (which includes escalators and lifts) is bounded by 22 no. retail units, including a large anchor store at its northern end, and a smaller anchor store at its south-eastern end. Public access to the internal mall occurs from primary entrances at the junction of Patrick St. and Ellen St., and at the junction of Ellen St. and Michael St. Bicycle parking is provided in the vicinity of these access points. Secondary entrances occur on Rutland St., Ellen St., and Michael St

The existing licensed premises on Ellen St. is to be refurbished as a stand-alone facility. In addition, a Café/Bar/restaurant is proposed at the northern end of the site, fronting onto Bank Place – there is no access from this facility to the rest of the scheme.

First Floor Level
At this level, the layout of retail units generally mirrors that at ground floor, with the obvious inclusion of retail space over the area of the ground floor access points. Voids are provided within the circulation area, primarily to allow the intrusion of natural light from the roof down to ground floor level. However, these voids are punctuated by amenity seating areas which will enhance this retail environment.

Second Floor Level
At this level, the retail units are accessed from the units below and/or from the car park footbridge (see below), rather than from the central circulation area. This level also contains a large foodcourt area in its south-western corner, including over the main entrance – this will ensure a certain prominence from Patrick/O’Connell St.

A new bridge, constructed in glass and steel, extends from the southern elevation of the proposed building at this level, over the existing licensed premises on Ellen St. and over the existing alley linking Ellen St. with Market Place, before linking to the proposed upper level of the Denmark St. car park – it is proposed to add an additional 2 no. levels to the car park, thereby providing 150 no. additional spaces. The span of this bridge is approx. 45 metres, with no intervening support structures. The function of the car park and bridge, in terms of accessibility to the new Centre, is addressed separately below; in design terms, however, I do not consider that the proposed bridge will have any adverse visual impact upon Ellen St., particularly as it will be clearly an associated functional element of the new building, and in consideration of the existing unspectacular vista along this street.

Bank Place
The Applicant proposes an extremely bold intrusion into the existing streetscape of Bank Place, with a striking angled façade primarily of glass and steel as its centrepiece. However, it must be considered that the building is proposed to replace an existing office building of extremely poor visual quality, which is flanked on its western side by an attractive terrace of Georgian buildings, and on its eastern side by an imposing stone warehouse building.

Michael St., to the south of the stone Granary building, is an extremely poor visual environment, particularly on its western (site) side, where a non-descript low building is set back to facilitate surface car parking. The southern end of the site comprises a mix of buildings and unsightly steel fencing at the corner with Ellen St. bounding the Garden Centre. Its eastern side also accommodates buildings of poor visual quality.

It is proposed to extend the built form up to the road edge, which I consider will give the street a much improved form. Whilst the proposed frontage of the building is generally blank, notwithstanding the random punctuation of opes within the frontage, this is little different to that which currently occurs.

Unfortunately there isnt any detailed description of the materials to be used or the new frontages to michael street/ Ellen st etc.

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