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@CologneMike wrote:

Permission for the restoration and conversion of an existing proteced structure at corner of Henry Street and Cecil Street and change of use from public house and nite club to retail/commercial use on ground and first floor and to incorporate 8 number apartements over. To incorporate an apartment entrance lobby with associated office over and to include for an ESB substation, electrical switch room and provide for a modified elevational treatment on ground and first floor including the re-opening of existing windows, the removal of existing rendering and the re-pointing and cleaning of existing brick and stonework including all associated site works. This building is a protected structure.

So it had in fact been listed as a protected structure!.. Its strange that nothing more came of this incident, i cant find any real material on it! Such a pity especially when the developers had plans for such a thorough restoration, the lower facade had been totally distorted with the plaster work and especially those horrible pvc windows! im sure it would’ve looked great!

I find it hard to believe how a building “which appeared to be in excellent structural condition” could just collapse for no reason, foundation works were ongoing at the time on the site next door, they must’ve had some impact, surely a study was done on the structural condition of the henry cecil before any development started especially given the age of the building and the large scale demolition/construction works that were to take place all around it!

Limerick had an abundance of these warehouses at one time, of course many of them are still standing, having been restored. It seems that the old carlton cinema (where the bank of scotland stands now) was also a similar type structure,(although it was heavily modified!, it fell into direpair and was derelict for a good while, you could even park inside in it up to a couple of years ago!) that would have meant 3 of these buildings in close proximity along that stretch of Henry street!

This area has plenty of potential especially with the proposed redevelopment of the An Post complex across the street, it really is a shame that AIB persist with a surface carpark along Cecil street with its pebble dashed wall and barbed wire, as if their bank building wasnt ugly enough!:mad:

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